The Biggest Bands And Legends
Rock 93-7 Thanksgiving Day Rock Buffet

From the newer bands of today, to the greats still making the scene, to the greats we've lost. You'll find a little bit of everything on our Thanksgiving Day Rock Buffet.

A variety of specials from new ablums, to amazing shows, to anniversary celebrations. Our menu for the day is filled with the rock you love.

Rock 93-7 Thanksgiving Day Rock Buffet Line-Up

6:00a     Alter Bridge Special

7:00a     Cage The Elephant

8:00a     Smashing Pumpkins

9:00a     The Clash: Revolution Rock

10:00a   Fleetwood Mac: 2013

11:00a   REM’s 25th Anniversary

12:00p   Sammy Hagar And Friends

1:00p     Def Leppard Viva Hysteria!

2:00p     Bob Dylan: Portrait Of An Artist

3:00p     Rolling Stones Sweet Summer Sun

4:00p     The Who’s Tommy

6:00p     Jimi Hendrix: The Jimi You Never Knew